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Preventive Restructuring

We are specialists in the economic restructuring of companies. To this end, our economists and lawyers study, structure and propose viability plans for the preventive restructuring of each company. This allows new strategies—while avoiding financial difficulties or insolvency situations—to guarantee the viability of the business activity and even improve it.

Auditing (Official Registry of Accounting Auditors, “ROAC”)

We have an auditing service made up of professional economists who are rigorous in evaluating and formulating an objective and independent opinion on the reliability of the information in companies’ financial statements, which allows us to identify any type of risk.

  • Auditing of annual accounts (mandatory and voluntary)

  • Accounting reviews and investigations into accounting irregularities

  • Advice on creating and improving internal audits

Expert Reports

The firm’s economists combine their professional practice with teaching activities dedicated to the training of other professionals in organizations such as the Economists’ Association of Catalonia. For this reason, among other services, they are specialists in:

  • Business valuations

  • Due diligence

  • Expert reports: economic evidence in legal proceedings


We have a team of professional specialists in bankruptcy law, lawyers and economists, who combine their professional career with teaching activities dedicated to the training of other professionals. We also act as bankruptcy administrators in numerous proceedings and in different judicial districts, as shown by the records of bankruptcy administrators of said bar associations.

We advise on each of the stages of bankruptcy: from the moment that precedes the presentation of the insolvency proceedings, debt restructuring, and negotiation with creditors, until its conclusion.

From this practice area, we offer solutions to people who are insolvent as a consequence of over-indebtedness or other causes that hinder their economic situation. The so-called “Second Chance Law” (Ley de Segunda Oportunidad) allows for exoneration of debts.

Real estate valuations

Our team includes experts in the appraisal and management of all types of real estate.

We offer complete management of real estate assets: from their development to the final stage. To this end, we offer as a service, in accordance with international regulations, the performance of Technical Due Diligence prior to the purchase of any asset. Additionally, we provide real estate appraisal of all types of assets (residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural) both for transactions and for the different purposes of real estate valuation (transaction, inheritance, tax and expropriation).

Environmental and public law

This newly created practice area is made up of an agricultural engineer who collaborates with the firm’s lawyers. We provide technical advice on environmental damage in all kinds of administrative proceedings related to the environment, be it for licences or sanctions, defending your interests before sectoral committees, analysing environmental aspects in due diligence processes, etc.

The services we offer can be divided into two areas:

  • Expert reports on damage/loss due to soil and groundwater contamination
  • Evaluation of lawsuits/complaints due to acoustic impact
  • Evaluation of lawsuits/complaints due to air and/or water pollution
  • Expert reports on solid and hazardous waste impact
  • Evaluation of environmental procedures for development or construction projects


  • Expert reports on crop damage
  • Expropriation assessment
  • Feasibility study for agricultural projects
  • Crop forecast


The commercial law area is focused on providing comprehensive legal advice at the corporate level, regardless of the structure of the organization.

Our legal advice covers: incorporation of companies, subsidiaries, and branches; economic interest groupings; joint ventures; European public limited liability companies; cooperatives; foundations; mixed economy companies; transformations, mergers, spin-offs, dissolutions and liquidations, among others.

Our commitment to our work also aims to involve the client throughout the process. This includes studying and designing intra-corporate operations, shareholders’ agreements, restructuring of shareholders, as well as succession planning for family businesses with the creation and formalisation of protocols between partners.

The commercial department works in collaboration with the firm’s other practice areas such as litigation and bankruptcy. We provide legal advice and assistance in corporate conflicts that may arise within any commercial company as well as in situations of debt or insolvency.


We provide legal advice and representation in commercial, civil and contentious-administrative proceedings, whether it is for companies or individuals, through planning and prior study of our clients’ actions.

We are experienced in representing and defending clients in all types of proceedings in the following areas:


Corporate conflicts, contractual disputes, as well as their interpretation, validity and execution; administrative liability; challenges to corporate agreements; and conflicts that may arise from legal commercial trade as well as from unfair competition.


Declaratory or special proceedings for disputes or breaches of contract, be they agency or distribution agreements; disputes in relation to urban rentals and horizontal property; possession, transfer and administration of personal property; money claims, proceedings for enforcement of judicial and non-judicial resolutions; personal and real collateral; matrimonial proceedings, incapacitations, division of estates and inheritance rights.

Administrative Litigation

Administrative law, administrative appeals, and administrative liability.


In the field of probate law, it is essential to efficiently plan the destination of our assets prior to death. At Cabedo, we have professionals who will guide and advise you on the drafting of your will and the financial and estate-related repercussions of the distribution of your assets. Similarly, our team of lawyers located in Barcelona will help resolve any doubts you may have regarding any matter related to an inheritance or an inheritance claim, such as:

  • Legal advice and legal document processing at any stage of the probate process
  • Legal and financial planning of the testamentary succession.
  • Acceptances and declarations of inheritance.
  • Heir and beneficiary claims.
  • Contestation of wills.
  • Declarations of heirs.
  • Drafting of wills.
  • Partitioning of inheritances.
  • Liquidation of inheritance and gift taxes.
  • Family business succession planning.
  • Donations to relatives and non-relatives.

Tax Law

We provide legal advice through a permanent consultation service to individuals and companies in relation to all kinds of tax issues:

  • Tax planning and estate planning
  • Family business structuring and succession planning
  • Tax regulation
  • Legal advice for all types of companies in different sectors with specific tax situation.
  • Legal direction in administrative tax proceedings and tax litigation
  • Corporate restructuring

All in all, our tax law area has the necessary experience to provide advice on various tax proceedings. This includes proceedings for inspection and verification by the Spanish Tax Agency, proceedings before collection bodies, allocation of liability, seizures, etc.


Among the professionals of the firm, we have expert accountants who manage an outsourcing service, which includes legal advice and accounting management to professionals and individual entrepreneurs, as well as commercial and civil companies. This allows our clients to save energy and resources to focus on running their businesses.

Labour Law

We offer legal and economic advice from experts in labour relations, human resources and business economics.

This area includes labour contracts in ordinary and special relations, preparation of payrolls, presentation of taxes, processing of social security, registration and deregistration of workers, among other related procedures.